Grasslands are now grey like ashes
with a bloody sun up in the sky.
The Kings and Queens of Earth,
at the bottom of the food chain.
I lay my eyes across downtown
The great city, now gone,
piles of dust under smoke and bones.
People in filthy, torn up attires,
Looking for food and water everywhere,
a mix of broken bricks and despair.
Where I stand, the belfry of the church,
the broken body of the bell saves me
from unwanted stares.
It looks like the stage I used to play,
but it is reality. Welcome to existence.


I like quotes. I have a sketch book and I collect quotes. I am not a person who lives through other people sayings, but I like to reflect myself in what other people think of the world. It is fascinating for me to read what other people has to say about the time we live in, how we are supposed to interact with each other, and how it is to fall in love. Quotes make me think of another world, where words are the songs of the soul.

I like words. I like to have words on the walls of my room. They fulfill me, and they fulfill my desire to have a beautiful poem on the walls of my room. Somehow, those words reflect what I can't seem to say. How much I love. How much I fear. How much I think that paradise is right here, with us, right now. How perfect the world is because it is not perfect. Because people come and go. Because people will hurt you.

I like optimism. I like to see the world with all its beauty and accept that, in order for beauty to exist, it has to have some counterpart that must of us call ugly. I prefer to see the glass half full than half empty. I might be a pessimist sometimes, only when I'm tired and in desperately need of sleep. Once a new day comes in, I can't help but to feel overwhelmed with everything around me.

I like people. I like to talk to people and to laugh and to smile. I like to think everytime I smile to someone, I'm helping them to have a better day. Smiles can change people. Smiles have changed me. Culture clashes and people clashes, and it is fascinating.

I like pain. I like hurting because at the end of the day, pain develops areas of myself I would never be able to without it. From the pressure comes diamonds. Crying until falling asleep? Been there, done that. But those are the things that had made me who I am today. I can't help but think, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, it's darker before dawn, and it has never failed me. Success is inside you, and you are the one who decide to succeed or fail.