Rock My World


Everytime I come back to New Hampshire, I take a walk on the woods. Close to my apartment, there is a railroad. At first I thought it was an old railroad because... well, it seems abandoned. Supposedly, there is a train that passes there everyday. I've been living in here for over two years, and I haven't heard it once.
This gave my imagination something to wander about.
There is a railroad in my backyard, guarded by trees and autumn leaves. On first sight, there's nothing more than old and rusted metals. No one walks around it. Some say it's haunted, others don't mind it. But everyone knows.
Close to midnight, the clocks freeze, time stops for a whole minute. Only those who wait for it, realize this. In that minute, the stars shine. The soft hissing of the whistle comes to the ear as sudden as wind. With every second it comes closer and closer. That's when a red and black train travels in time through those railroads.
For a whole minute.
If you stay in the woods at midnight, and plan carefully your escape, you can hop into the train of memories and time traveling.