Coming back to the place where you were raised should be a great experience. You get to see how much you've changed and how different things were back then For me it's a painful and strange sensation. I have so many good memories in this place, great moments, great people, great memories. But when I know everything I know now, I sometimes get angry at the fact that most of those memories surrounding my family were never true. I send most of the time back home wanting to go back to Boston, where all I can think of are the great memories, but not the one that got shattered years back.
Once I get here, everything comes back to me, good and bad memories, and I doubt myself if I ever want to come back.
A year ago, I would come here and spend most of the time trying to hide my anger, but I've learned to let it go.
I always end up coming back. And I'm pretty sure I'll keep coming back. The good memories overcome the bad ones.